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Audiovisual Solutions

HED Cinema’s experts will offer tailor-made acoustical and visual solutions to fit every space and every need

By combining the highest quality brands with an elegant and easy to use experience, our team of sound and visual experts can guarantee the perfect space.

We provide specific consultation, planning and full execution, while upholding the highest standards for our clients.

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Electro Acoustical Planning

Matching sound systems with the specific acoustic design of your space is key in reaching the perfect sound.

Our acoustics specialist will examine your space and your furniture in order to provide the best listening experience possible.

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Automated Lighting and Control Panels

Smart Electric Systems

At the heart of every smart space lies the electrical system designed to accommodate a variety of needs. Our extensive experience in this field will ensure the highest quality solutions - custom made to your specific requirements.

Control Panels

Fully automated, integrated, managed and accessible - our control systems will provide you with the absolute sense of power, at your own time and place. Taking charge has never been easier with our elegant systems, designed for an easy to use experience.

Security Systems image

Security Systems

We provide a full spectrum of products and solutions to ensure safety and protection.

This includes smart cameras with visual analysis, real-time alerts, independent alarm systems, high-end intercoms, fire alarms and flood alert systems.

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Wired and Wireless Network

Your smart space needs to be connected at all times.

HED Cinema specializes in creating a trust-worthy network, to make sure you get full coverage anywhere and everywhere. Our network experts will ensure its resilience and isolate other interferences.

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